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OBsam's monitoring team

OBsam's team made up of about ten persons

Statements of Déborah, Frédéric and Elodie

Constantly mind and enhance the process, this is the start-up sense.

"Our job is to enrich OBsam's database and make it reliable. In concrete terms, it means that we lead investigations.
Personal qualities and skills needed to manage the job

  • a strong curiosity and a lot of perseverance,
  • working in a team,
  • be precise, cross-check, and lead a real investigation work.

We are working with a database of more than 800 000 references, built on needs from our clients and LORCA (Optimized logistics for the restocking of aeronautical consumables for the French Army).

OBsam apporte une véritable plus-value dans la gestion de l'obsolescence : anticipation des pannes, maintenance, gestion des pièces détachées et de composants.

Obsam assure la veille et le traitement d’obsolescence dans tous les secteurs :

  • Aéronautique, spatial
  • Naval et aéronaval,
  • Ferroviaire,
  • Pharmaceutique,
  • Défense,
  • Énergie,
  • Industrie et robotique