A tailor-made obsolescence monitoring

Deliverables from the technological monitoring follow-up and pieces of proof from the investigations are available and downloadable directly through our software "BOREAL", online and on any digital media (PC, tablet, smartphone).
At any time and place, users have an access to their projects and the statuses of the references they follow, alongside with certificates of manufacture. BOREAL is an IT tool developed with the sole purpose of managing obsolescence and is adaptive to our customers' requirements (product classification, data sheet, RoHS, REACH…).

In case of obsolescence and/or LBO, a real-time notification with proof of delivery is sent by email through BOREAL.

We monitor a list of items thanks to the RN-Ncage (Reference Number - NATO Commercial and governmental Entity), the PN, or the NSN, which can either be provided by the client, extracted from IPL (Illustrated Part List), IPC (Illustrated Part Catalogue), or CMM from maintenance departments. Moreover, it can be IPL for manufacturers' definition programmes, or recurring supply lists from any purchasing department, from consumables, tools and ingredients to assembled equipments. OBsam monitors all kinds of aeronautic sectors and items, including ground-based means, test stands and aeronautic workshop needs.

BOREAL software

Obsolescence monitoring: optimising the supply chain

OBsam has developed a unique software, BOREAL, and comprises teams specialised and dedicated exclusively to obsolescence monitoring.

Le logiciel BOREAL