OBsam - Obsolescence specialist

All-domain obsolescence monitoring and treatment service

OBsam was created and established in early 2016 in Dinan – Taden, in France.
Nowadays, OBsam's process is available and copied in every business area and every kind of product:

  • Aeronautics, Space & Drones
  • Naval & Naval Aviation
  • Rail
  • Medical, pharmaceutical
  • Defence
  • Energy
  • Manufacturing, Robotics, Automobile

OBsam's first scope of practice is obsolescence watch

Deliverables (monitoring follow-up and pieces of proof for obsolete items or their solution, in compliance with aeronautic regulations) are viewable and downloadable online upon our software "BOREAL", which is available on all screens (PC, tablet, smartphone), so that every user can access the references he is following at any time and place. BOREAL is an IT tool developed for the sole purpose of monitoring obscolescence and can be adapted to each of our clients according to his needs.

In case of obsolescence and/or LBO, a real-time notification is sent from BOREAL by email with proof of delivery to the concerned users.

We monitor a list of items thanks to the RN-Ncage (Reference Number - NATO Commercial and governmental Entity), the PN, or the NSN, which can either be provided by the client, extracted from IPL (Illustrated Part List), IPC (Illustrated Part Catalogue), or CMM from maintenance departments. Moreover, it can be IPL for manufacturers' definition programmes, or recurring supply lists from any purchasing department, from consumables, tools and ingredients to assembled equipments.

We are willing to optimise our clients' timescales they have with their own clients and thus diminish fees for fleet grounding due to supplying issues.
Obsolescence monitoring and treatment mitigate purchasing costs thanks to sourcing from NHE Aéro, or real and certified equivalents, since such costs can be very high when it comes to reproducing a single or two parts.
Thanks to feedbacks from NHE Aéro and our individual experiences, our knowledge of old fleet and our associate network allow us to offer a quality of expertise and a monitoring analysis in accordance with EASA/FAA and FRA aeronautic standards.
OBsam performs various types of obsolescence treatment depending on the case.

Obsolescence monitoring process and treatment

Obsolescence monitoring process and treatment


  • International network made up of more than 20,000 manufacturers
  • Monitoring process with BOREAL, a software developed under Open Source
  • Subscriptions to the CIMD (French Center for the Codification of Defence materials) and other aeronautics platforms
  • Global partners through NHE Aéro (USA, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Asia, UK, Europe, NZ)


Obsolescence impinges on all technical sectors. It has become essential to identify it in order to give better assistance to users and designers facing with renewal and innovation, which are indispensable and bound to happen.
OBsam was created to help aircraft manufacturers, industrialists, manufacturers of equipment, consumables or tools, as well as users to minimise the technical and operational consequences, and therefore, the costs linked with obsolescence.
Associated with NHE Aéro, OBsam aims to monitor, anticipate obsolescence of any kind and seek an answer when obsolescence is proven through experienced processes.