OBsam: from the obsolescence identification to its resolution

Treatment solutions

Depending on the nature of the item’s obsolescence we shall offer various solutions, and each obsolescence is handled through a project management system with follow-up and final report indicators:

  • Sourcing of an obsolete stock or item with certificate ensuring good traceability. OBsam cooperates with its associated company NHE Aéro, a central purchasing company specialised in obsolete items sourcing for every type of product and business area
  • Suggestion of an equivalent requiring or not an adapted recertification
  • Drafting of a manufacturing dossier for a FFF equivalent

Our added value

Prevent all risks of obsolescence within the "V-Model": new design (R&D), mass production, then after-sales service/Maintenance in Operational Conditions

Experience a serene production stoppage to invest into the replacement part = lesser obsolescence cost means higher capacity to invest and recapitalise

Notify the client in real time