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OBsam anticipates obsolescences

Air et Cosmos Newspaper - May 2018

A report on OBsam's groundbreaking concept

"OBsam has created a new job based on aeronautic obsolescence monitoring and treatment": the setting up of a highly-developed monitoring process to avoid a break in the supply chain of spare parts.

Impact on the LORCA programme

LORCA - Optimized logistics for the restocking of aeronautic consumables for the French army - will represent from this year a 30% of OBsam's activity.

Read the complete article from "Air et Cosmos" newspaper and the portrait of Nathalie Barat (in French)

OBsam creates a useful added value in obsolescence management: failure forecasting, maintenance, spare parts and components management.

OBsam manages obsolescence monitoring and treatment for all sectors:

  • Aeronautics & Space
  • Naval & Naval aviation
  • Rail
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Defence
  • Energy
  • Industry & Robotics