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OBsam: beyond aeronautics

1 million references

10 employees, 1M€ turnover

Since 2016, OBsam has developed an innovative process to manage military plane and helicopters obsolescence. 
"The aim: anticipate the end of life of parts, maximise time use, prevent ageing and thus avoid air fleet grounding.
Anticipate problems rather than fix them urgently when the failure is proven."

Negotiations with the Navy...

... plus space and medicine

"The problems are just the same for these business sectors. 
MRI, scanners... Being able to source 10 years old major parts is strategic and economic."

A unique savoir-faire in the world

And a partnership with Thales

OBsam has developed a technologic monitoring software coupled with a ultra-secure database, and forged a strong partnership with Thales, for whom it deals more than 1 million references.

Read the complete article from the Journal des Entreprises newspaper - Septembre 2018

OBsam creates a useful added value in obsolescence management: failure forecasting, maintenance, spare parts and components management.

OBsam manages obsolescence monitoring and treatment for all sectors:

  • Aeronautics & Space
  • Naval & Naval aviation
  • Rail
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Defence
  • Energy
  • Industry & Robotics