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OBsam: Innovation award for the Côtes-d'Armor department

The OSCARS 22 rewards OBsam

March 16th in Dinan, major event for all the stakeholders of the business world, 6th year

After having studied more than 60 dossiers, the jury of "Oscars 22" rewarded OBsam as the best "innovative company". 

The core business of OBsam: Optimising the AOG (Aircraft On Ground) rate of its clients, large equipment manufacturers (Thales) and manufacturers from all over the world.
A strong value that is also honored and appreciated by everyone: OBsam opens commercial agencies in Paris and Bordeaux, plus others in Spain and Portugal, but the production and the decision-making centre remain in Brittany.

Promising development perspectives for OBsam

Thales has entrusted OBsam to a part of the LORCA monitoring contract (Optimized Logistics for the Restocking of Aeronautical Consumables, for the French army). 
Furthermore, requests from the French Navy open access to a whole new market.

News in French:

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Discover the presentation of OBsam, made for this 6th year Businesses Awards

OBsam creates a useful added value in obsolescence management: failure forecasting, maintenance, spare parts and components management.

OBsam manages obsolescence monitoring and treatment for all sectors:

  • Aeronautics & Space
  • Naval & Naval aviation
  • Rail
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Defence
  • Energy
  • Industry & Robotics