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OBsam's monitoring team

OBsam's team made up of about ten persons

Statements of Déborah, Frédéric and Elodie

Constantly mind and enhance the process, this is the start-up sense.

"Our job is to enrich OBsam's database and make it reliable. In concrete terms, it means that we lead investigations.
Personal qualities and skills needed to manage the job

  • a strong curiosity and a lot of perseverance,
  • working in a team,
  • be precise, cross-check, and lead a real investigation work.

We are working with a database of more than 800 000 references, built on needs from our clients and LORCA (Optimized logistics for the restocking of aeronautical consumables for the French Army).

OBsam creates a useful added value in obsolescence management: failure forecasting, maintenance, spare parts and components management.

OBsam manages obsolescence monitoring and treatment for all sectors:

  • Aeronautics & Space
  • Naval & Naval aviation
  • Rail
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Defence
  • Energy
  • Industry & Robotics